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Mary Albanese, ZenZu Animal Communication and Energy Work, is a retired high school teacher turned animal communicator and energy worker. She allies with other animal professionals as part of a team approach; supports various charities; has experience working with domestic, farm, and exotic animals; has been interviewed on The Dead Life with Allison DuBois, internationally known medium & NY Times best-selling author, & inspiration for the television series, Medium; has been a guest on Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show, My TV9; sits on the Outreach Advisory Board, Global White Lion Protection Trust, Limpopo Province, South Africa; is a member of the Holistic Community Professionals of CT, MA, RI, NH, NY, ME, VT, FL; and guest writes for various publications.


Mary is available for private consultations, presentations, workshops, and classes, and for public and private events.


She can be reached at mary@zenzuac.com, (203) 589-0930, or find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn at @zenzuac.


Hi, I’m Mary

In my old life as a high school English teacher, I worked to help my students discover their authentic “writer’s voice.”  In some ways, it’s not that different from my work now: I give animals a voice and offer their parents and caregivers new perspective and insight into their animal companions’ lives and minds. I’m grateful for the privilege of deepening the connection between humans and animals and honor the trust that’s placed in me every day. 

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Thank you and bless your heart.  As I just walked out of the vet’s office, the “birdies” were singing so clear through the stillness.  I can’t help but think that was him saying goodbye to me.  Thank you for helping me through this. This whole past few days I could not have done.  Grateful to have met you!  Sometimes the universe leads me to where I need to go.”


Madison WI

"Where can I begin to thank Mary for what she has done for my Johnny?  He was a 29 year old Arabian show horse, who always gave us everything he had to give.  

When the vet said it was time to put him to rest,  I couldn’t —

I called Mary and asked her to work with Johnny.  Mary was drawn to his caudal pectoral & his external abdominal oblique.  He showed Mary warm bran mash with apple & began eating again.  A few weeks later his hind end had weakened considerably, &  it was time to let Johnny go.  If we are lucky, we get that soulmate animal; for me Johnny was THAT ONE.  Without Mary hitting on where the pain was, helping him cross the Rainbow Bridge, & reassuring me he would be all right, I never could have let go, & he would have suffered.  Thank you, Mary, thank you."


Syracuse NY

Thank you, Mary.  Sammy went so peacefully.  All your work prepared her so well.  Because of your help, we were able to release her and celebrate her new life.


Wallingford CT



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