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Zenzu Animal Medium

I have been lucky to find my calling in life, so let me help you in any way I can. Ready to connect with your animal?

  • How does animal communication work?
    I get information intuitively in many different ways, including pictures, sensations, words, smells, tastes, & feelings from your animal.
  • Why would I want to use your services?
    Supporting both you and your animal through the healing process, if they fall ill. There have been times when conventional testing has been inconclusive, and I have been able to help pinpoint the area of the issue and the underlying cause of the ailment has been found. I have also had instances of feeling issues before they have occurred physically in the animal and have been able to point those areas out. When helping animals who have begun to transition, I am able to ease their crossing and provide support not only to your pet, but also to you- before, during, and after, if you so desire. Approaching a solution for an animal who is having behavioral issues, such as aggression or anxiety. Becoming a voice for an animal that is experiencing or has experienced a life change, like a relocation, a divorce, or the death of a family member. Providing support for a lost animal. Reconnecting with an animal that has already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • What can energy work do?
    The belief that energy must flow freely for optimal body function, energy work can alleviate stress, lessen anxiety,promote well-being, & encourage the body’s natural therapeutic response. What kind of energy work do you do? I am skilled in many energy work modalities- such as E.F.T./Emotional Freedom Technique and Therapeutic Touch; I am also a Shamballa Reiki Master, to name some.
  • Do you decide before we meet what you will do?
    I begin each session with communication, even if I am working with an established client because there are constant shifts. I never go into a session with a “prescribed” idea of what I will do. I start by listening to both client and caregiver and move forward with an individualized approach based on what I have heard during that particular session.
  • Where are you located?
    I am where you are. Much of my work is done remotely. If in person, it is my experience that your animal will be most comfortable in their own surroundings, so I come to your home or barn or sanctuary, etc., as long as you are within driving distance, though I have also flown to clients, if necessary and arrangements can be made. If you are more than 20 miles from me, a travel surcharge will apply, and I ask that we book a minimum of one hour. We will work out any other necessary particulars. I am available worldwide via audio or video chat.
  • Does distance affect the information you get or how effective the energy work will be?
    The short answer is no, it will not affect either. I have worked in remote sessions successfully with animals who are living far from me, which is noted in some of my testimonials.
  • Is there any animal you refuse to work with?
    No. Every animal has the right to tell his or her story and deserves respect. I have worked with a variety of animals in addition to the domestic variety, including llamas, emu, bears, lions, tigers, snakes, and hedgehogs, and I do not consider one more superior to the other. I also work with humans, as the need arises.
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