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My Story

Years ago as I approached retirement from my teaching career, I began to wonder what next? I thought I’d like to do something involving animals, maybe as a vet tech. but instead I ended up taking a reiki class, which led to another … and another.  My reiki master teacher suggested I work on animals, so I did an internet search for animal energy work.  I’d never heard of animal communication, but the name “Joan Ranquet” came up, and I emailed her; shockingly, she answered! Several months and correspondences later, I attended one of her long weekend workshops on both animal energy work and animal communication and became passionate about learning more.  When I signed on for her intensive training, I didn’t realize I was working with one of the world’s top communicators; I just knew I had to do this.  I spent a year and a half Zoom-ing and shuttling back and forth from my home in Connecticut to California to be mentored by Joan.  Under her tutelage I worked with hundreds of animals of all sorts of species in various habitats and conditions.  This sets me apart from many other communicators: I’ve formally trained, I’m not a hobbyist, I don’t read animals “in addition to” reading something else. 

Give a Voice

I am as unique a communicator as I was an educator.  I use an individualized approach with each animal client because each IS an individual, just like my former students. I have experience working with domestic, farm, and exotic animals-hence my business name, ZenZu.  I coined the word combining zen, which traditionally means guiding action using intuition and “zu” a play on the word zoo, because I work with all animals.  When I founded my business, one of my goals was to build a resume as respectable as the one I had during my tenure in academia; having been interviewed on The Dead Life (on Apple and Spotify) with Allison DuBois, internationally known medium & NY Times best-selling author, & inspiration for the television series, Medium; guesting on Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show , My TV9; sitting on the Outreach Advisory Board of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Limpopo Province, South Africa; being a member of the Holistic Community Professionals of CT, MA, RI, NH, NY, ME, VT, FL; and guest writing for various publications, I’m achieving this.


I give animals a voice and offer their parents and caregivers new perspective and insight into their animal companions’ lives and minds. There’s no greater privilege than deepening the connection between humans and animals, and I honor the trust that’s placed in me every day.

Animal psychic
Communication with lost animal


  • Animal Mastery-certified by world renowned animal communicator Joan Ranquet, Communication with All Life University 

  • Animal Communication

  • EFT

  • Bioscalar wave

  • Animal Physiotherapy

  • Therapeutic touch

  • Intuition

  • Accessing Angels, Spirit Guides & Masters

  • Shamballa Reiki 1, 2, & Master-certified

Consultant Experience
including but not limited to

  • Brass City Rescue Alliance, Middlebury CT

  • EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary) Citra FL

  • Frankie’s Feline Fund, Manhattan NY

  • Gentle Barn, Santa Clarita CA

  • Gibbon Conservation Center, Santa Clarita CA

  • Homeward Bound CT, Old Saybrook CT

  • International Paw Angels, San Francisco CA & China

  • Outreach Advisory Board, Global White Lion Protection Trust, Limpopo Province, South Africa

  • Saffyre Sanctuary, Sun Valley CA

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