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Mary offers a variety of energy work and the opportunity for communication with all types of animals. Animal communication involves psychic communication of pictures, words, emotions, and sensations and in no way causes distress to the animal. Never a substitute for conventional medical treatment, energy work is supportive treatment that can alleviate stress, lessen anxiety, promote well-being, and encourage the body’s natural therapeutic response. Mary is skilled in a variety of energy modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique, (E.F.T.), Therapeutic Touch, Bioscalar Wave, Shamballa Reiki as a Master, energy and chakra clearing and balancing, and others.

Services are to be provided remotely, via phone chat or, if there are extenuating circumstances, in the familiarity of the client’s own surroundings. A minimum one-hour appointment is required for an in-person visit and a travel surcharge will apply for distances greater than 20-miles. Though sessions may include a combination of intuitive and energy work, all sessions begin with communication, even if the animal is an established client.

Same Day Emergency Fee (Please read the full description BEFORE booking.)

Same day/emergency fee-additional $60, if you are requesting this option, please text me at (203) 589-0930 BEFORE booking to see if it is possible for me to accommodate you. You will have 2 hours to confirm acceptance of the time slot, or I will not hold the appointment for you.

No Refunds

what you have paid will be credited towards a future appointment if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.  No credit will be issued for no shows or if you fail to cancel within the 24 hour time frame. 


Give a unique and memorable gift.

Give the Gift of Connection
Package Options

*Additional Package Services available for Animals in Transition Only.

Animals in Transition
Level I


Description: • 1 hour of communication and energy work • 5 pre-scheduled check-ins, via text or email (Limited to 3 questions each) Location: Remote (Phone Call or WhatsApp)

Animals in Transition
Level II


Description: • 1 hour of communication and energy work • 8 pre-scheduled check-ins, via text or email (Limited to 3 questions each) Location: Remote (Phone Call or WhatsApp)

Animals in Transition
Level III


Description: • 1 hour of communication and energy work • 8 pre-scheduled check-ins, via text or email (Limited to 3 questions each) • 1 hour of Easing Transition • 30 minutes of Mediumship. Mediumship: 30 minute remote session to be scheduled at your request to reconnect both you and your pet. Location: Remote (Phone Call or WhatsApp)

Connection Bundle


Description: • Includes 3 remote sessions of animal communication and energy work (60 minutes each) *Does not apply to lost animals or animals in transition Location: TBD

Lost Animal Package


Description: • Minimum of 3 hours of work from me including all correspondence and initial FAQ/intake call: • Intuitive communication • Energy work & map work with follow-up call Q & A • Two pre-scheduled 30-minute check-in sessions to determine pet’s current health status & additional pertinent information, if any, with correspondence Note: I will schedule an appointment as soon as possible after I have spoken with you and received confirmation of your payment, including holidays and weekends, my schedule permitting. Unfortunately, I can offer you no guarantee of a positive outcome. Like us, animals have free will; therefore; no matter how much I would like to, I cannot “make” your pet go home or guide them directly to you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND other than our scheduled appointments, our communication is NOT on-going and is NOT included in your package fee. If you need more contact other than what is specified in this package, please refer to my other service options. Please do NOT call or text me outside of our scheduled times to ask if I have more information or if I have “heard more from your pet.’’ If I have seen/heard/etc. something during our session, please DO NOT send me pictures or recordings of the information you think I saw/heard/etc. Please note that if I have relevant information for you, I PROMISE to send it. These boundaries MUST be respected for the best possible outcome. If you are not prepared to do this, our connection is not meant to be. Location: TBD

Individual Session Options

*Additional Package Services available for Animals in Transition Only.

Virtual Session
60 Minutes


Description: • Including communication and/or energy work (as needed) Location: Remote (Phone Call or WhatsApp) Many times I am asked to meet with a pet and caregiver in person.  Unless there are unusual or extenuating circumstances, this is not necessary.  Should you be desirous of an in person visit, please ask, and I will let you know if I can accommodate you.

Email Reading


*48 Hour Response Time* Description: • 1 question,1 response, NO follow up NO EMERGENCIES OR EMERGENT QUESTIONS (lost, medical, transitioning, etc.) If your question is more appropriate for a longer session, I will let you know. Applies to GENERAL questions/situations i.e. likes/dislike, personality quirks, life changes-for example: • Why does Rex eat his kibble first? • Does my cat Flossie want me to get another cat for her to have as a playmate? • I just adopted a new horse and re-named him Axel. His old name was Tim. Does he like his new name? Location: Email Only

Lost Pet Check-In 


Description: • If you are in need of a follow up to your pre-purchased lost animal package, I am offering a single question follow-up email for the price of $45. If you believe you may have more questions than just one, please look into our 30 or 60 minute sessions. *Please note that our normal email session does not include lost pet questions as an option. Location: Remote (Phone Call or WhatsApp)

Workshops, Guest Speaker & Donation of Hours


Workshops are available for groups in such venues as libraries, schools, shops, social organizations, and civic groups, virtually or in person in time modules ranging from 90 minutes to 6 hours, priced accordingly. I'm happy to design a formant for your group’s specific needs or expectations, just ask!

*not including follow up mentoring

Possible Topics Include: - Basic Meditation Skills - Intuition - Energy Work - Reiki - Basic Energy Work for Pet Parents & Caregivers - Cultivating Your Intuition & Working with Your Energy - Animal Communication 101 - Animal Communication-Beyond Basic ( pre-requisite, Animal Communication 101)

Guest Speaker

I am always happiest when I am with people, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people.  I am available to speak with your civic group or organization —animal-related or not— for a modest honorarium.  Let's arrange a visit.

ZenZu Symposium

ZenZu Symposium is available to a limited number of people. It's a 1 to1 fully mentored experience for the committed individual vested in changing their life path. Please connect with me if you would like more information.

Donation of Hours

Rescues, Shelters, and Sanctuaries 
I am offering to donate 2 hours per month, free of charge on a rotating basis, in person or remotely to be used in any way staff sees fit, i.e. targeting unwanted behavior(s) of particular animals, getting animals prepped for adoption, working with animals who are not well, etc. 

Communication is part of any work session with the animal. Should any additional hours (either in person or remotely)  be needed beyond those that are donated by me, a sliding scale will be arranged. If you are outside of my immediate area, I am willing to travel to you if this can be arranged or I am available virtually.  Please do not hesitate to ask for donated services even if we are separated by distance.  In exchange for the reduced rate, I would ask that the rescue/shelter/sanctuary: - Follow me on social media - Provide an endorsement for use on my website and social media - Allow me to use photographs taken of your animals * with discretion and sensitive to any parameters the management may have - Display my business materials on social media and on site - Consider hosting presentations or workshops either for staff or as fundraising events Invite me to be a vendor at any adoption or public events to increase my business exposure - Include my business materials in your adoption packets

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