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Giving Animals their Voice through Intuitive Communication


ZenZu Animal Communication and Energy Work was founded by owner Mary Albanese in 2017. Over the years, Mary has helped deepen the connection between  animals and humans by giving animals their voice through her intuitive communication.   Mary offers a variety of supportive energy work and the opportunity for communication with all types of animals. She allies with other animal professionals, i.e. veterinarian, behaviorist, trainer, or tracker as part of a team approach.  

Mary from ZenZu

Why Would My Services Interest You?

You Want To Connect More Deeply

If you have recently had a life changing experience -you’ve moved, you have added or perhaps lost a family member, or maybe you’re curious to know what your pet is thinking or feeling, I can give you insight!

Your Pet’s Behavior Is Unusual

If your pet is exhibiting unusual behavior such as anxiety or fear, depression, or perhaps aggression towards people or other animals, I can assist you.  While I do NOT and would never claim to replace a trainer or behaviorist, I can be part of a team approach. I offer explanations and intuitive insights from a perspective that a trainer or behaviorist cannot.  My supportive energy work is an asset to training and behavior modification techniques.


If you have a pet who has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I can help you reconnect.  I know from firsthand experience how excruciating it is to lose a pet, and I am here to help you.  It doesn't matter when your pet crossed; grief has no time limit.  If you want to reunite with your childhood pet, if you have unanswered questions, if you want to visit for a bit, reach out.

Medical Perplexities

Have you ever had the experience where you know something just isn’t right with your pet, that something is just off?   Me, too. Sometimes conventional tests don’t get to the primary cause of an issue, or we pet parents or caregivers just aren’t focusing on  the right symptoms.  That’s when I can be useful.  I was a high school English teacher, and I have no medical training, so I am NOT a diagnostician—I don’t replace any medical professional. But because I can feel things in my own body, I can help with figuring out what and how your pet is feeling; sometimes that information can lead to the root cause of a problem or inform you about pain levels, and address your questions and concerns.  Adjunct energy work, if it’s needed, can support your medical professional’s recommendations and encourage the body’s natural immune response to engage.

What Happens During Our Remote Session?

All sessions are scheduled in United States Eastern Time.  I do my best to adjust for clients who live in radically different time zones.

A one hour remote session will be done during an AUDIO conversation using a picture of your pet. On the day of your appointment, I WILL CALL YOU.

PRIOR TO OUR appointment, you will need to text me (via my phone or through WhatsApp) a clear picture of your pet-one where I can see his/her eyes and face.  

A 60-minute session can be done with a pet who is still living or who is already across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Your pet does NOT have to be physically present with you during our appointment, nor do you or your pet need to do anything to prepare for our time together.  

An hour should be enough to answer any questions you may have as well as utilize energy work, should I determine it would be beneficial in your particular circumstance. Should more time be needed to continue energy work another session will be scheduled.

Many times I am asked to meet with a pet and caregiver in person.  Unless there are unusual or extenuating circumstances, this is not necessary.  Should you be desirous of an in person visit, please ask, and I will let you know if I can accommodate you. Price will be adjusted accordingly.

*Please know that I will call YOU for our appointment.  If I cannot reach you at our appointed time or you are late, you will not be refunded for a missed session or get time added past our designated slot.







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