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Birth of the ZenZu Logo

Several years ago after my retirement, I remember having a conversation with my late mother and demanding she help me find my "true north" because at that point, I really wasn't sure what was next for me. Some months later, I found a reiki class

- or maybe more accurately-it found me. That marked my first step on this path. One course led to another, re-igniting my latent intuitive abilities, largely dormant since my late teens because of my distraction with work and daily activities of life. I developed a strong commitment to a daily meditation practice which has fostered my intuitive gifts. Because of those first courses, I felt confident to explore the world of animal communication and energy work where I found myself taking still more courses, refining my skills, and loving every minute so much that I began laying the foundation for ZenZu. This is my insightful journey, full of challenges, self-discovery, insight, and wisdom.

There have been twists and turns, many that I could never have anticipated. But I have never veered off course, and my needle remains pointed True North.

When designing my logo, I felt compelled to make the compass rose the focal symbol. It represents me and serves as a constant reminder of being true to my authentic self. Along the way, I have learned to trust my own voice because that is the one which continues to lead me to my truest north, and like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, I realize I always had the power, I just had to learn it for myself.

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