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Yvette- The Goat Who Cried Covid!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Several months ago, Yvette's owner contacted me when she noticed Yvette becoming sluggish and losing her appetite. While I worked with Yvette, I heard the word "Covid" several times. Though I didn't feel Yvette HAD Covid, I felt it was somehow connected to her. When I spoke with her mom and explained what I'd heard, her response was, "you're kidding me?" Of course I wasn’t, though Yvette's owner was shocked NOT because she doubted WHAT I'd heard, but that I had heard it! In the hours between our initial and follow up conversations,

Yvette's mom had spoken with her goat's vet. The veterinarian had suggested injections of deximethazone, a treatment for Covid, as a possible treatment for Yvette. Yvette was letting her mom know, through me, this was the treatment option for her! The injections helped Yvette, and she lives with her human and fur family in California.

Our animals really ARE AMAZING!

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t ly
t ly
Dec 19, 2023

Thank you Mary for helping me find my dog daisy! She was missing for 6 days and the town were on the lookout and yet not a single sighting of her for 6 days! It was bc she was stuck in a tight area that no one would see! Between the fences of my neighbor and mine! The communication between Mary with daisy to me that started the search with more hope and we were able to find her the same night after hours and hours of searching after talking but overall it was done quickly otherwise she'd still be missing.

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